Office Network

Computer Eye Technologies are the preferred cabling specialist

for both Domestic & Residential customers. We cover the following areas:

. Network Infrastructure Consultation

. Wireless Network Consultation and Installation

. IP Access Control

. Data Cabling

. Local Area Networks

. Fibre Optics

. Cable Installation

. Bespoke Audio Visual Installations

. VoIP installation and setup


Setting up small business networks

is much easier than it used to be.

You can even create a wireless network so

that you can use your laptop from anywhere in your Office.

To set up your network


Connect your business computers with,

Windows server 2000,Windows server 2003,

Windows server 2008 , Windows 10,

Windows 8, Windows 7,

Windows Vista, Windows XP.




Office Network

Home Network

You just bought your second computer. Perhaps you purchased a new laptop, a new machine for your spouse, or maybe just another machine for yourself. Now you'd like to be able to connect them all to the internet and it'd be nice to be able to share things like printers or extra disk space among your machines.




How to Setup File Sharing in Windows 7

Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and Server 2005

Microsoft sql server 2005 express edition toolkit

Windows 7 Sharing PC

Troubleshooting File and Printer Sharing in Microsoft Windows Server 2008












Please note that Maybe you need the following programs:



C.E.T.S Services

  • Use your PC anywhere in the house
  • Whole family can access the internet
  • Use all PCs at the same time
  • Send and receive emails without wires
  • Wireless or wired network setup

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