Network for your Home & Work

Want to surf the net without wires?

Experience the freedom to surf the Internet from any room around your home.

You can check your email and surf the net on your Laptop, Pc, Mobile & Tablets in the lounge or play your games console online in any room of the house, with the freedom of a wireless network.

With a wireless network, there is no need to run untidy cabling through your house.

A Home Network will give the home users the benefits of sharing files and sharing a printer.



Domestic & Residential

Cabling Specialist Engineers

We are specialise in Home / Business Network Installations

using the latest CAT5e or CAT6 cabling to link Multiple

Computers or Network Devices to your own Network via

Home Network Switches or Patch Panels.

  • Business network cabling for Ethernet over Cat 5e and 6.
  • Home network cabling for Ethernet over Cat 5e and 6.
  • CAT5 CAT6 Termination Jointing.
  • CAT5 CAT6 Network Cabling.
  • Ethernet Networking Cabling & Installation.
  • HDTV HDMI over CAT6 Networking.
  • Home Network WI-FI Set-Up.
  • Powerline Mains Networking

We wire from just a few cables, to a complete House and Business.

We can design a network map / flow chart and install a complete

network system to your specific specification.

Home & Office Network Support

Check Our Network

Dear client

You are welcome to contact us for free survey or price quotation.


Home Network

Office Network


C.E.T.S Services

  • Use your PC anywhere in the house
  • Whole family can access the internet
  • Use all PCs at the same time
  • Send and receive emails without wires
  • Wireless or wired network setup

Why choose us?

  • We’ll make sure you will receive the right PRODUCT.

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  • We’ll make sure you will receive the best SERVICE.

  • We’ll make sure you will receive your deal on TIME.

  • 24/7 Support.



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