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It should be well known and understood that all computer data should be backed up. What is less understood are the reasons for backup, backup strategy and the different types of backup solutions. This article aims to provide a high level overview of backup reasoning.

There are many ways that a computer user can unintentionally lose information on a computer. Deciding what to back up will depend on each individual. However, the golden rule is that anything that one thinks cannot be replaced easily or is extremely vital should have the priority to be placed first on the list.

As suggested before, it would be easier to organise if one is to make a checklist of the files to back up. This will make things easier for one to determine what to back up, and also as a reference in the event when one eventually decides to backup.

The following list showed some files to which are being backed up most of the times:

  1. Digital photographs
  2. Music (MP3)
  3. Personal Information
  4. Software Downloaded from the Internet
  5. E-mail address
  6. E-mails saved
  7. Internet bookmarks
  8. Backing up an entire disk under any operating system


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